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What Now

If you're wanting to take your health a step beyond the simple education I've given you on this site, please contact me to discuss the following Health Coaching options below:



  • Personalized 6 month program that will radically improve your health and happiness.
  • Grocery store tour to educate and guide you to make smarter food decisions.
  • One time session to discuss your main health concerns and recommendations to help alleviate the concerns.


  • Same 6 month program as above yet at a reduced fee for a minimum of 4 people per session.


  • Wellness workshops and classes aimed at increasing productivity and energy in the workplace.
  • Personalized 6 month program as above at a reduced fee in conjunction with workshop packages
  • Group sessions at a reduced fee for same 6 month program with a minimum of 10 attendees.


Contact me for more information and a complimentary 1 hour consultation.