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Super Bowl

As I write this, it's Super Bowl Sunday.  I've talked to many people who are going to, or having parties.  They're planning what to prepare and can't wait to eat up all of the goodies while watching the game with friends.  It's amazing how social, eating is.  So many of our weekly events are planned around meals, social gatherings with food, deserts and coffee.  What are you supposed to eat when you go to that Super Bowl party and they don't have ANY good food choices?  First of all, don't worry about it.  If you eat some junk on a Sunday afternoon, I'm sure you'll be fine.  This just needs to become the exception, not the norm.  Or, you could load up on good whole foods before you go to that party, so that you're not even hungry.

My husband recently completed a 30-day challenge of eating no meat, and no sugar.  He accomplished the task and his outlook is now changed.  The emotions he experienced were very powerful.  Such as, "She (me) won't know if I eat the chicken that comes with that salad."  The urge was so strong because he was trying to overcome 40 years of habits and he's always been used to eating whatever he wants.  He was able to make it over the hump after the first 2 weeks, mainly because of his education (more on this later).

He also learned much more.  He was amazed at the social pressures that exist to eat meat.  When he is with his business associates or traveling, and everybody is enjoying great food at restaurants, it was quite difficult for him to 'say no' at first.  Also, people couldn't understand how he was going to get his Protein.  He laughed a few times when at restaurants they actually categorize the meat options, as "Protein Options."  Have you ever heard these things said:

  • You must eat meat to get your protein, or
  • You must drink milk to get your calcium.

We have been programmed by the meat industry that the only way to get protein is by eating meat and by the dairy industry that we need milk for calcium.

A typical serving of Vitamin D whole milk contains only 35% calcium... did you think milk was 100% calcium!  Fact: one single cup of spinach contains 35% calcium, too.

Did you know that veggies such as spinach, kale and brocolli are over 40% protein?   Whereas the protein content of cooked meat, fish and poultry can be as low as only 15%!  My point is that all greens contain the protein, calcium, magnesium, iron and the various other minerals your body requires in them.  You don't HAVE to eat meat for protein and you don't NEED milk for calcium.  In fact, you can usually get MORE protein/calcium without the negative side effects from plant sources rather than eating meat and dairy.  This is laughable and embarassing of how sucked in we all have been by the big media campaigns and how we follow the herd mentality... are we just a bunch of sheep!

Further, I would  submit to you that meat and dairy have substantially more negative affects on your body than positive.  The calcium that milk contains is actually inabsorbable by our bodies because the molecular structure has been changed through the pasteurization process.  The molecules are so big that in order for our bodies to process the calcium, it actually leaches existing calcium from our bones in order to do so.  If you look at developed countries with the highest dairy consumption, you will also see that they have the highest cases of Osteoperosis.  According to the dairy industry, we need the calcium from dairy to prevent Osteoperosis.  If this is so, why do we have one of the highest percentages of Osteoperosis in the world and we, as a nation, are one of the highest consumers of dairy in the world?  Does milk really 'do a body good'?

The meat you consume contains no fiber and no enzymes to help digest it.  Your body has a limited ability to produce digestive enzymes to aid in the digestion process.  Enzymes are essential for good health and cannot be found in cooked or pasteurized foods.  In addition, the average length of the colon is about 5 feet.  Think about the meat you're consuming that is fiberless and dead trying to get through 5 feet of curled up colon in order to be eliminated.  Much of the time, the meat gets caught in the various parts of the colon and putrifies, causing digestive problems, heartburn, acid indigestion and a host of other issues eventually leading to sickness and disease.

We all know that smoking causes cancer.  It's printed right on the box or package the cigarettes come in.  There are scores of research and successful lawsuits to back it up.  But what I bet you didn't know is that there is now more research showing that a plant based diet can prevent and reverse disease than there is research showing that smoking causes cancer.  Chew on that for awhile....