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Diet is a 4 letter word

I have a friend who, after having children, could never seem to shake the extra pounds.  Every year she would put on a few more pounds until she finally decided to do something about it.  She needed some accountability.  She needed some motivation.  She needed...Weight Watchers!  Yes.  She did the program, kept up with her points at each meal, weighed in each week and lost the weight.  On the outside, she looked great.  She was happy to have lost those 40 pounds.  It was time to go on the maintenence plan - which worked for a while.  But after a few months, the weight slowly came back and before she knew it, she was 50 pounds overweight.  So, she went through the entire cycle again: accountability, motivation, Weight Watchers.  It worked for a while, but the weight came back yet again.  It's a vicious cycle.  You know that person.  Maybe you ARE that person. Why does this happen?

What the Diet companies have accomplished through their marketing is brilliant.  They have created programs that will work for a while, but I believe they are impossible to maintain.  That's the brilliance in it - these programs create hope and then create repeat customers.  They show you before-and-after pictures that look appealing.  I'm not saying they are evil, cruel people intent to ruin your life.  In fact, there are very honest, great people who work at these companies.  They just are not digging deep enough to address the real, long-term issue... because there is no profit in it!

What the Diet companies haven't told you is that in order to maintain long term health and weight loss, you have to eat nutritionally dense foods.  Not foods that come in a box or package that contain artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, preservatives, hormones, excess sodium and chemicals in them.  Your body doesn't recognize these ingredients as real food.

It's not about the points or the calories, it's about the quality of food you're putting into your engine, your body.