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You've heard the stories of people who have spotted Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.  I even know a guy who swears he heard one while camping in Oregon several years ago.  We've all seen the footprints and videos from documentaries on Discovery Channel.  They tell of the countless testimonies from people who came in contact with these creatures.  I kind-of want to believe it's true, not an urban seems like a fun and exciting topic.  But if it is true, then why hasn't anyone been able to catch one?  How is it that these beasts continue to be so obscure and able to outsmart the teams of people trying to simply take a photo of them?  The Bigfoot experts say they are the smartest animals on earth, smarter than chimps and apes, and can smell humans from many miles away, so it's very easy to go undetected.   I say, "Hmmmm, you sure about that?"

Many times when I tell friends what I eat and believe about nutrition, they look at me as if to say, "Oh, you're one of those."  I can see the wheels in their head turning, thinking, "She's a nut... she probably believes in Bigfoot."

As a Christ follower, I'm always puzzled by the typical atheist, or agnostic person.  They have never read, nor researched the Bible for themselves.  They have never fully investigated why they believe faith and Christianity is dumb.  I have yet to find anything in the Bible that has not proven to be true, including artifacts that are continuously being discovered in the Middle East.  For example, in the late 1990's an anti-Christian group said there was no evidence that King David of the Old Testament even existed.  Yet, a couple of years later the City of David and his palace walls were discovered just outside of the Old City in Jerusalem!  It's easy to poke holes and cast doubt without knowledge.

It can be easier to eat junk and low quality foods.  I get it.  They're everywhere.  It's more convenient.  It's quicker and easier than it is to eat healthier options.  It is easier to listen to what the USDA and food companies tell you is healthy... they put it right there on the box, right?  It's much easier to just go with the status quo and not challenge your current belief system.

Don't be naive.  Stuff is allowed to happen all the time.  Magazines are able to airbrush movie stars for the covers of their magazines.  Pregnant women were 'allowed' to smoke, even though the US Government knew it was bad for our health.  It wasn't until 1965 that smoking tobacco was finally determined by the US Government to be unsafe, even though there was clear, hard evidence for decades that it was bad for your health.  I implore you to seek your own knowledge, and discover for yourself about how your own body reacts to certain types of foods.

I must first attempt to address what I believe is the real issue: Eating is an Emotional, a Habitual and a very Social aspect of our daily lives.  Please let that sink in.  On the following pages in this section I'll give you a few examples of this, so let me know if you agree.  Friends, all the roads lead back to the same conclusion.  Much like putting Unleaded gasoline into an F16 fighter jet, it just isn't going to do what it's designed to do unless you use jet fuel... or, gold food!  You owe it to yourself and your family to eat pure gold.