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Smoothies are an oh so easy and yummy way to get nutrition in on the go.  Too many people skip meals because they're busy or rushed and then end up grabbing some 'not-so-healthful' choices instead which leads to cravings, brain fog, weight gain, low energy and sleepless nights to name a few.

Whipping up a smoothie can be done in minutes with little cleanup.  Having frozen, organic berries and fruits on hand along with some mild greens like Romaine lettuce, spinach or chard is key to a filling, nutritious snack or meal.

Having some quality nut butters and MCT oil on hand to throw into your smoothie for a dose of good fats will help you stay satiated longer, focused and less prone to giving into cravings later.

Try putting together your smoothie in the container of your high speed blender the night before and add in the frozen stuff the next morning, blend it all up and go.