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A Mindset of Getting Healthy (not skinny)

A friend of mine emailed me last night to find out if I had a list of 'fat burning foods' I could share with her.  She teaches nutrition classes at her yoga studio each week and that was the topic of choice for this week.  I found that email interesting on so many levels, but I'll tell you how it applies here.  Unfortunately, we are a microwave society looking for a quick fix for our illnesses, diseases and weight problems.  Let me tell you emphatically, there are no quick fixes.  There's not a pill that's going to make you healthy, fit or thin.  There isn't a list of fat burning foods that are going to melt away the pounds.  It's all about a change in mindset and daily habits.  You have to turn away from years of propaganda that has been poured into your brain, purge it and start over.  You have to hit the reboot button!

My husband and I talk to our daughters often about having a teachable spirit.  They have a very limited scope of what that means right now because of their age, but it's something that can be applied to every area of their lives as they get older.  Having a teachable spirit about what it means to be healthy is required in order to achieve optimal health.  And, just because you don't have some major illness, doesn't mean you're healthy.  Do you get headaches?  Have acne, allergies or joint pain?  Are you tired?  These are just a few symptoms caused by poor eating habits and living in a 'toxic' state.

In answer to the above posed question by my friend, I told her that any vegetable or fruit, in it's raw, unadulterated state can be a fat burning machine.  Why?  Because when you're giving your body the nutrients it needs, it starts to release the toxins and junk that is clogging up your fat cells, arteries, organs, etc. and replaces it with beautiful new cells that are nourishing your body.  This nourishment changes the way you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside.