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At this point, you may be ready to hit the ground running.  Or, you may be so confused that you're willing to just throw your hands in the air and say "Forget it!"  Believe me, I know that change is hard, especially you're already 'set in your ways.'  According to an article written by Scientific American Mind, openness to change typically increases during a person’s 20s and goes into a gradual decline after that.  I hit that gradual decline stage years ago!


The idea of unlearning everything about health and nutrition that you ever thought to be true isn't just about change, it's about a true paradigm shift.  It is a complete reversal in your overall thinking about YOU being responsible for you health and nutrition.


The ultimate goal is to get away from highly processed foods and as close to the natural form of the food you're eating.  Below is a list of alternatives to every day foods to start with.  But, as mentioned in the whole foods section of this site, you must be vigilant about knowing what's going into your body; it is a temple and you should treat it as such.

Instead of   Try


(contains one of the highest concentrations of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that gets absorbed into your body!)

  Organic coffee or Teecino Herbal Coffee
White Flour   Whole Wheat Flour
White Sugar   Dehydrated Cane Juice, Honey or Pure Maple Syrup
White Rice   Brown Rice
Table Salt   Celtic or Himalayan Sea Salt


(fried, high sodium, trans-fat laden addictive food - "you can't eat just one")

  Air popped popcorn

Packaged snacks

(high-calorie, no nutrition and addictive)

  Grab and Go fruit or vegetable like a banana, apple, pear or baby carrots; or,
    Mix of dried cranberries (without sulfites), almonds & walnuts

Remember, I'm human too.  I get it.  The list to the above right, is not fun!  You say, "How boring, Michelle.  You sound like a stodgy old grandma telling me to eat my veggies.  I'm an adult.  I can make my own decisions.  I'll be fine."  Just remember:  it's ok to have the stuff on the left some of the time, just make sure the stuff on the right becomes the norm.