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This site is simply a place for me to share with you my learnings and un-learnings over the years about nutrition and achieving a healthier lifestyle. This is just a means for me to share my opinions, give some suggestions, and point out some resources that might be appropriate for you and your family.

My quest for better health started in 1999 when I was trying to get pregnant with our first child.  After months of trying, my doctor suggested that I go on a fertility drug.  And, like most people, I followed my doctor's advice.  However, that stuff made me crazy.  The side effects were unbearable, so I stopped taking it almost as quickly as I had started.  I knew I didn't want to take anymore drugs, but I wasn't sure what to do at that point.

I started doing research which led me to juicing and eating a more whole-foods-based diet. Granted, I already thought my diet was exceptional at the time because I ate a low-fat diet and watched my calorie intake.  I certainly had my vices, but for the most part I was a 'healthy' eater.  I applied this new found knowledge and became pregnant in a matter of months.  Now, was my getting pregnant a direct result of my new way of eating?  I can't say for sure, but what I can say is that it certainly didn't hurt, and from there I started down a path for which I'll be forever grateful.

In the years since, I would like to tell you that my food intake has been perfect, but that's simply not true.  Frankly, a perfect diet is unachievable for the majority of people in our society...myself included.  According to most people's standards, I'm a little 'out there' in my food choices.  I juice vegetables, drink green smoothies, sprout nuts and seeds, generally avoid animal products, even eat raw often and keep processed foods at a minimum.  Basically, I've experienced a paradigm shift in my knowledge of food.  I now know how my body reacts to certains types of foods, both positively and negatively, and the 'why' behind it.

As a Christian, I believe in the principles that are revealed in the Bible.  Throughout the Scriptures, the Lord teaches us that knowledge leads to understanding which leads to wisdom.  After many years of educating myself, personal experience and trials, I have gained invaluable knowledge about the body and nutrition and understand without a doubt why good nutrition is absolutely necessary for optimal health.  Because life is a continual learning process, I know there's still more to learn and understand. But, I have a solid foundation that I hope can act as a resource to educate, encourage and support you in your quest for better health.

"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Ghandi